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A random collection of a few of our adventures from the Arctic to the South of France and my favourite beaches in Australia.

Where we go...

I love to travel. From Asia to the Arctic. Whilst living in London the focus has been on Europe for the past several years. Now we are in Oz I have been exploring Australia and have been taking time out to show this great country to my wife and children.

Travel Guide #1

Traveling with little people....


The first in a series of free travel guides and tips that will be brought to you over the coming year. Hope it helps!


Why have a hotel room when you can have a house or a flat?

Who doesn't love a good hotel? For me gone are the days of booking into the cheapest hotel I could find or sleeping on a sofa at a long lost friends place. Since having children I find the whole hotel thing rather a challenge. All the beds are often in one room and the cost for multi bedroom hotels are just crazy.


I first started looking for apartments and houses to rent when I was presented with just some crazy room fairs at the Ibis in Amsterdam. I was presenting a paper at the University and thought maybe I'll try a different search. I came up with Canal View Appartments run buy a guy named Baz who lived in the top part of the house and rented the basement and raised ground floor apartment. I took the basement it was huge and cheaper then the Ibis... Some cities I recommend you going with this approach are New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris. All have crazy hotlel prices and are super small rooms due to demand etc.


Seriously change your search next time you are looking you will be amazed.

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